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N.B. Re Trade Sales. For Sport & Publicity/Mousehold Press publications (books), please contact Richard Allchin or Mike Clark.
Dear Customer

Welcome to our new payment system

Ordering Sport & Publicity products has just got easier as credit cards are processed on-line by Pay Pal, the universely accepted debit system. Even if you haven't a Pay Pal account, follow the instructions after clicking onto the Sport & Publicity logo indicating on-line sales.

Payment by cheque using an order form situated at the bottom of our listing is still fine however if your'e still not sure how to pay, please don't hesitate to contact Mike Clark (michael.clark37@ntlworld.com) on 0208 723 6620 or 07809148568 or drop us a general e-mail on sport_publicity@hotmail.com. Postage on our full-priced books, especially in multipal purchases can possibly be excessive so please contact the numbers above to discuss any discounts available. 
We would request customers in the Euro-zone and beyond to contact us regarding shipping and postage as all prices quoted are for UK delivery only.

Sport & Publicity appreciate all our customers continuing support thoughout 2019 and beyond.

Yours sincerely

Richard & Mike 

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