'Viva Le Vuelta has been brought right up to date and included this years stunning victory by Chris Horner. From it's humble beginings just before the Civil War when only Spanish riders were involved to the gradual globalisation know today, Lucy & Adrian paint a picture of not just the racing but of the stuggle the Vuelta had to endure in the early days of the Franco regime. Available in December.
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Viva la Vuelta! was published in 2005, immediately after the finish of that years event .However it was our bad luck that even before the book was on the shelves of the bookshops it could be considered out of date. Three weeks after the end of the race Roberto Heras, the overall winner, was deemed to have tested positive in the last time trial stage of the race, and disqualified.It turned to be unfortunately to be a sign of the times!

In 2009 the Vuelta a España began in Northern Europe, its first four stages in the Low Countries, starting in the Netherlands and we were approached by the Dutch publisher Amstel Sport, who wanted to publish a book to celebrate this event. What better book than ours? In buying the rights to publish a Dutch edition they made one stipulation – that the book be brought up to date. So we wrote an extra chapter revised the events of 2005 and covered the story of the extra three races up to 2008. This wasn't just for the Dutch; having written it, we published it in English as a separate, 36-page supplement to the original book which sold out very quickly as did the original book.

This historic publishing process was repeated during this year in an even more remarkable manner when a new Spanish publisher, Cultura-Ciclista, bought our rights to their countries biggest cycling race from British publisher's and written by two of our finest writers and historians on Spanish culture and cycle sport : Adrian Bell a Spanish professor with an great passion for cycling and Lucy Fallon (Who lives in Spain). However again with the proviso that the book to be brought up to date in this case to the 2012 edition.This will be the first book published in Spanish covering the whole history of the race and the fact that we published the book speaks volumes for the books quality.

The Veulta is considered the Worlds third biggest national tour and often voted the worlds most exciting stage race in the last few editions of the race. Viva la Vuelta! was published in Spain just before this year's race. We are publishing our second edition in late November this year. This enables us to include the 2013 race which included five of the top seven riders in the World Tour rankings starting this years race and resulted in a very close and and eventually truly historic race.