'Cyclo Cross - Training & Technique' -
by Simon Burney (2nd Edition & a few 3rd Edition)
Burney's well repected book  covers every aspect of this very demanding sport. A former cyclocross professional and British team mechanic, he now serves as Performance Mountain Bike Team Manager for British Cycling and has managed the 'cross team at World Championships since 2000 so he knows what he's talking about.  This is a necessary book for beginers and expect alike.
Price : 7.99 + 2.00 p&p

Racing Tactics for Cyclists'  by Thomas Prehn
 It does exactly as it says on the cover. Former Olympian Prehn teaches how to race smart with tips on positioning yourself in the bunch, not waste energy and when & where to attack. A perfect book for beginers and serious riders.
Special price now only 5.99 plus 3.00 p&p

'Training tips for Cyclists & Triathletes' by Chris Carmichael
Lance's personal trainer explains how to improve your overall performance.
Special price only 5.99 plus 3.00 p&p

also avaialable : Lance Armstrong Performance Plan
Get in racing shape in only 7 weeks using his unique training plan.
Special price only 5.99 plus 2.00 p&p
Above three books each available for only 5.99 plus 2.00 p&p
Not pictured : Off-season training for cyclists. Price as above

Price : 7.99 plus 3.00 p&p                                                         

If traditional training methods aren't giving you the results your looking for, you need a training plan tailored to your own unique physiology. Dr. Michael Ross's book will guide the reader through the steps of individualising workout intervals, making sound nutritional choices and planning for recovery periods.
Price 7.99 plus 2.00 p&p

'Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes' by Monique Ryan
Ryan's extensive book advises on how to equipe yourself with cutting-edge nutrition advice to help your athletic preformance  for those who participate in triathlon, cycling, mointain biking, cyclo-cross, swimming, distance running, cross-country skiing and adventure racing.
Price 7.99 plus 3.00 p&p

Not pictured : 'The Triathlete's Guide to Bike Training' by Lynda Wallenfels
Written to improve a pivotal phases of triathlon - the bike. Equipment selection and set-up, riding skills, pedaling techniques, heart rate, training plans and many more hints and tip makes this an essential read.
Price : 7.99 plus 2.00 p&p

Keep all your training records for the year.
Price : 7.99 plus 2.00 p&p

Not pictured
Lionard Zinn's Maintenance tips and skill building for cyclists.
Price : 7.99 plus 3.00 p&p

'Massage for Cyclists' by Roger Pozeznik with forward by Ed. Burke
Learn the healing powers of sports massage, including techniques for neck, shoulder and lower back together with stretching exercises.
Pre-ride, Post-ride and Maintenance massage fully covered.
Price : 5.99 plus 2.00 p&p